December 15, 2011

Thrifting is fun. I know it’s hot now with the bad economy, but I’ve always been cheap. Something I got from my parents I guess. I just don’t understand how anyone can pay $1000 dollars for a coffee table it probably costs $100 to make. It’s like asking to have your pocket picked.

I’ve had a number of good finds lately but right now I’ll just highlight a few: my $5.00 vase and an old 1960’s hospital bassinet I intend to turn into a bar cart.

I got this Torre & Tagus vase from a Salvation Army store. $4.99. The lovely shape made it really stand out. It’s in great condition.

My other find was a stainless steel hospital bassinet made by the Imperial Surgical Company of Toronto. It came from St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, Ontario.  An antique market find for $200.00.  I found a similar one online selling for $495.  Not bad.
Bassinet to Barcart
I want to clean up all the paint and rust and then paint the inside turquoise or sky blue, maybe put tin tiles on the back wall on the inside. Since the paint might contain lead I’ll use chemical paint removers rather than sanding.
Bassinet to Barcart

Bassinet to Barcart

The sliding top drawer will be great for holding glasses & serving. There’s also a chart holder (unshown) which will be be good for holding bar tools.
Bassinet to Barcart
I intend to keep this 23.

I have a horrible cold stopping me from jumping on this project, but as soon as its done, I’m ready to dive in.


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