Garbage – Pick up your own @*#$%!

July 17, 2009

Toronto is in the midst of a outdoor city worker’s strike.  Translation, no garbage collection.  There’s other services affected, but I’d like to focus on the garbage issue for a moment, and how we as consumers might want to rethink our own contribution to the unsightly nature of our streets.

For regular street garbage I find what’s thrown out just as interesting as where it’s thrown out.  It’s all drink containers, plastic dome cups and straws.  I  just had no idea how much crap we dispose of everyday until it was literally piled up at my feet.  (Pictures soon).

A 5 cent charge for plastic cups might not be a bad idea.  It’s a good reminder.  In Toronto we now have a 5 cent charge for each plastic shopping bag.  It’s not enough to break the bank but just enough to inspire memory.  I wonder if a modified version of this program could be done for drink containers.  Either there could be a deposit or surcharge; just enough to make people remember to bring their reusables from home.  I have to confess that I myself am very inconsistent with my reusable coffee cup.

It would be nice if people treated the city streets with the same reverence they reserve for the forrest:  leave nothing behind but footprints.  Take your crap with you when you go, don’t leave it for someone else to deal with.  After all the environment is right here, not somewhere down the highway.  Sure we are mad at the strikers for making the city look like a tip (Brit speak for dump).  But we are reponsible too.  No one is forcing us to pile up crap on the street and any available flat surface.  Just a thought.


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